About the Author

Beth Moriarty, known to fans of PlanetPurl.com as the “PurlQueen,” has shared her online classes and instructional videos with hundreds of thousands of knitters and crocheters since 2008. She also designs individual downloadable patterns which will be available in late 2011 under the PurlQueen Patterns label (PurlQueenPatterns.com).

 Beth learned to knit in junior high school. After a couple of scratchy neon-colored acrylic (the latest thing!) garter stitch scarves, she put the needles away in favor of chasing boys. 30 years later (married and with a fully grown “boy” of her own), she began knitting again. She loves to travel and made a plan to use her hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles to do some non-work-related traveling, with the plan to buy yarn everywhere she went. Frustrated with the lack of online resources, she started Planet Purl which began as a tool to make it easier for traveling knitters and crocheters to find yarn anywhere. Planet Purl soon grew into the world’s largest online directory of yarn shops, combining two of her passions, knitting and traveling, in one place.

 When traveling and shopping for yarn, Beth indulges her other passion – eating! A firm believer that nothing complements a day of yarn shopping like a good local meal, it’s only natural that Deep South Knitting includes some of her favorite Southern recipes.

Beth lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband Michael Langan, and their three dogs, Paris, Italia, and Chelsea. She can be found most days either in the studio up to her elbows in yarn, or in the kitchen up to her elbows in some new culinary adventure.