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Nicky Epstein, author of Knitting on Top of the World and the Knitting on the Edge series – Beth Moriarty’s book Deep South Knitting is delicious! Delicious to look at with her charming Southern designs… Delicious to taste with her mouthwatering Southern recipes. I can’t wait to start knitting and eating!
Louisa Harding, author of Knitting in the Details, Cardigans and Knitting Little LuxuriesDeep South Knitting is deliciously feminine. The descriptions of heady flower blooms and photos of sweet sticky cakes enveloped me with warmth and hospitality, transporting me on a wonderful knitting journey through the Deep South.
Drew Emborsky, The Crochet DudeDeep South Knitting is luscious! Pairing gorgeous patterns with amazing recipes, Beth Moriarty transports you to a place where gentlemen call and ladies declare!
Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed – Beth Moriarty has been inspired by regional Southern culture to bring together two of my favorite things: Knitting and Food, translating the soul of each state stitch by stitch into this heartfelt collection.  
Kristin Nicholas, author of Kristin Knits and Color by Kristin – Jam packed with lady-like knits and delectable recipes, Deep South Knitting will transport you and your knitting to sunny, gentle days and hours of creativity. Brew up a pot of tea and enjoy the hospitality!
Cathy Carron, author of Hip Knit Hats, Hattitude and Cowl Girls – Fun and fancy patterns are paired with scrumptious regional recipes in Beth Moriarty’s charming new book, Deep South Knitting….a great combo for your next knitting get-together!